Here, you'll find some resources to help you better understand our product line and just what you get when you work with Workspace Dynamics that makes us different.

Process Map

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Our Process Map explains how we guide you through each engagement in order to find out what your needs are and apply the right design to make your space both attractive and effective.


Past WSD Projects

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Let us show you how other companies have used Workspace Dynamics to revolutionize their work environments.  We could explain it to you here, but we say, "More Pics, Less Words!"


Furniture as a Second Language

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The customer experience is more than just face-to-face contact and phone calls.  When a client or customer visits your place of business, the atmosphere speaks.  


To COM or Not To COM Presentation

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Can furniture foster a sense of culture with your employees? 


Product Videos from Our Manufacturers

Sit on It - Wit

Sit on It - Amplify

KI Lightline

SOI Focus Collection

What is Sound Masking?

The Intuitive SMS-NET Software